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Topic: Journal Review
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Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in MG: to be or not to be?
By: Anna Rostedt Punga, MD, PhD and Erik Stålberg, MD, PhD.
Available to Members ONLY - Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder usually caused ...
Acute and Chronic Ataxic Neuropathies With Disialosyl Antibodies: A Continuous Clinical Spectrum
By: Nobuhiro Yuki, MD, PhD, and Antonino Uncini, MD
Available to Members ONLY - Members Free CME Acute ataxic neuropathies with disialosyl antibo ...
Adding More Muscle and Nerve to Clinical Trials
By: Conwit RA, Bhanushali MJ, Porter JD, Kaufmann P, and Gutmann L
Members Free CME - Available to Members ONLY - This article illustrates both the fundamenta ...
Alcohol-Related Peripheral Neuropathy: Nutritional, Toxic, or Both?
By: Michelle Mellion, MD, James M. Gilchrist, MD, and Suzanne De La Monte, MD
The etiology of ALN has been debated for nearly a century. ALN is rarely discussed as a specific di ...
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Palliative Care: Where We Are, and the Road Ahead
By: Leslie J. Blackhall, MD, MTS
Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) have high symptom burdens, including pain, fatigue ...
Applying Proteomics to the Diagnosis and Treatment of ALS and Related Diseases
By: Robert Bowser, PhD, and David Lacomis, MD
Available to Members ONLY - Protein-based biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ...
Bladder Dysfunction in Peripheral Neuropathies
By: Ahmet Z. Burakgazi, MD, Bander Alsowaity, MD, Zeynep Aydin Burakgazi, BS, Dogan Unal, MD, John J. Ke
Normal bladder function depends on the complex interaction of sensory and motor pathways. Bladder dy ...
Diabetes Mellitus and the Peripheral Nervous System Manifestations and Mechanisms
By: Douglas W. Zochodne, MD
Available to Members ONLY - Diabetes targets the peripheral nervous system with several diffe ...
Endplate Contributions to the Safety Factor for Neuromuscular Transmission
By: Robert L. Ruff, MD, PhD
Members Free CME - Available to Members ONLY - The neuromuscular junction (NMJ), for most e ...
Ethical Issues in the Evaluation of Adults With Suspected Genetic Neuromuscular Disorders
By: Xiaowei Su, MD, PhD, Peter B. Kang, MD, James A. Russell, DO, and Zachary Simmons, MD
Free CME for Members! Genetic testing is rapidly becoming an increasingly significant part of ...
Evaluating Dermal Myelinated Nerve Fibers in Skin Biopsy
By: M. Iliza Myers, BA, Amanda C. Peltier, MD, MS, and Jun Li, MD, PhD
Available to Members ONLY - Members Free CME Although there has been extensive research on s ...
Exercise and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Toward Evidence-Based Exercise Prescription
By: Chad D. Markert, PhD, Fabrisia Ambrosio, PT, PhD, Jarrod A. Call, MS, and Robert W. Grange, PhD
Available to Members ONLY- There are many unanswered questions about the role of exercise in ...
Gene-Based Treatment of Motor Neuron Diseases
By: Thais Federici, PhD, Nicholas M. Boulis, MD
Available to Members ONLY - Motor neuron diseases (MND), such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosi ...
Genetic Heterogeneity of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Implications for Clinical Practice and Res
By: Xiaowei Su, BS, James Broach, PHD, James Connor, PhD, Glenn Gerhard, MD, and Zachary Simmons
Available to Members ONLY - Members Free CME Genetic insights into the pathophysiology of amy ...
How Electrodiagnosis Predicts Clinical Outcome of Focal Peripheral Nerve Lesions
By: Lawrence R. Robinson, MD
Free CME for Members! This article reviews the electrodiagnostic (EDX) prognostic factors for ...
Human Mitochondrial tRNAs: Role of Pathogenic Mutation in Disease
By: Fernando Scaglia, MD; Lee-Jun C. Wong, PhD
Available to Members ONLY - The human mitochondrial genome encodes 13 proteins. All are subun ...
Immunocompetence of Schwann Cells
By: G. Meyer Zu Hörste, MD; W. Hu, MD; Hans-P. Hartung, MD; H. C. Lehmann, MD; B. C. Kieseier, MD
Schwann cells are the myelinating glial cells of the peripheral nervous system that support and ensh ...
Isaacs’ Syndrome: A Review
By: Aiesha Ahmed, MD, and Zachary Simmons, MD
Free CME for Members! Isaacs' syndrome is a peripheral nerve hyperexcitability (PNH) syndrome ...
Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis
By: Laura M. Chiang, A.B., Basil T. Darras, M.D., Peter B. Kang, M.D.
Available to Members ONLY - there are important differences, mostly relating to epidemiology ...
Lengthening Our Perspective: Morphological, Cellular, and Molecular Responses to Eccentric Exercise
By: Robert D. Hyldahl, PhD and Monica J. Hubal, PhD
Available to Members ONLY - Members Free CME The response of skeletal muscle to unaccustomed ...
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